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Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660
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Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660
Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660
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Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660
Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660

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IT skills monitor aims to boost UK training
Richard Powell [IT] 18:21 14/10/02 | Comments: 5
The latest quarterly report from e-skills UK has advised the Government to broaden training courses for students or risk losing business abroad.
'Back to work' IT and engineering mothers told
Richard Powell [IT] 06:00 23/09/02 | Comments: 14
Women with backgrounds in the IT, engineering and science sectors are being urged back to work after having children in a Government bid to reduce skills shortages.
US firms to double spending on offshore outsourcing
Richard Powell [IT] 19:39 13/09/02 | Comments: 7
More than a quarter of US companies currently outsourcing IT operations abroad will double their spending on the service in 2003, according to a recent survey.
Business broadband costs to be 'significantly reduced'
Richard Powell [IT] 18:16 11/09/02
Broadband connection charges for businesses could be reduced by around 50 per cent, and rental charges by 30 per cent, if new proposals from the Office of Telecommunications (Oftel) are accepted.
Revenue chief defends IT contract competition
Richard Powell [IT] 12:58 10/09/02
Nick Montagu, Chairman of the Inland Revenue, has denied a new 10-year, 4 billion contract to supply IT services to the Department is 'an open and shut competition' tipped towards incumbent suppliers, Electronic Data Systems (EDS).
Britain's schools failing future IT workforce
Richard Powell [IT] 15:45 02/09/02 | Comments: 2
Tomorrow's skilled IT workforce is being held back because Government funding is not providing the IT resources, equipment and training young students need, new research suggests.
IT workers are worst email offenders
Richard Powell [IT] 14:59 16/08/02
More than two thirds of IT workers are unable to resist opening emails they suspect to be 'inappropriate' and a further 42 per cent circulate them to colleagues and friends, according to a recent poll.
Word of mouth tops US IT worker referral
Richard Powell [IT] 16:37 15/08/02
A US recruitment survey has shown businesses prefer to be introduced to skilled IT workers by word of mouth rather than by using the Internet or agencies.
Further work permits changes in Australia
Richard Powell [IT] 13:08 16/07/02
The Australian Government has announced it will suspend priority visa processing arrangements for permanent foreign Information and Communications Technology (ICT) workers.
'Case for an Overhaul' put to Australian Government in midst of FTV crisis
Richard Powell [IT] 12:24 12/07/02
A leading Australian academic has published a report urging the Government to take action over the damage its '457 visa program', the country's equivalent of the UK's fast track visa system, is doing to its IT sector.
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