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Christmas Quiz
by Susie Hughes at 12:49 23/12/16 (The Clubhouse)
A Christmas-themed quiz - answers below.
1 What King of England was crowned at Westminster Abbey Christmas Day 1066?

2 Which plant associated with Christmas has the Latin name Viscum Album?

3 In the song 12 days of Christmas if you added the number of Lords a Leaping to Ladies Dancing what number would you get?

4 In which Country was Christmas banned from 1969-1997 but was reinstated to commemorate a visit from John-Paul 2nd?

5 Which Scottish singer born Christmas Day 1954 was in the Band Eurythmics?

6 Which Christmas song has the line ‘Sleigh bells ring, are you listening’?

7 On Christmas Day 1967 Paul McCartney announced his engagement to whom?

8 What song has been Christmas number one in the UK charts in 1984, 1989 and 2004?

9 What is the traditional German bread usually eaten during the Christmas season that contains dried fruit and often covered with powdered sugar or icing sugar?

10 Which Sportsman born Christmas Day 1984 is the current England cricket test captain?

11 The phrase 'Christmas Tree' formation is commonly associated with which sport?

12 In Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol who was the first Ghost to visit Ebenezer Scrooge?

13 According to the Guinness book of Records which 1943 Irving Berlin song is the best-selling single of all time?

14 Which Christmas tradition was started by Tom Smith of London in 1847?

15 Born Christmas Day 1889, which film star appeared in The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, and The Big Sleep?

16 What was the first song by the Beatles to be a Christmas number 1 hit?

17 Including Rudolph how many Reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh?

18 According to the lyrics, who had a ‘jolly happy soul’?

19 Which type of Sweet bread originally from Milan is traditionally eaten at Christmas?

20 Which English Singer was born Christmas Day 1971 with the name Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong has had top ten hits with ‘Life for rent’ & ‘White flag’?

21 Which English Actor starred in ‘A Muppets Christmas Carol’?

22 Which book begins ‘Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without any presents’?

23 Who wrote the children’s story ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’?

24 Who said ‘I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was 6. Mother took me to see him in a Department store and he asked for my autograph’?

25 Born with the name Maurice Cole in Liverpool in 1944, who had a character called Cupid Stunt who had the catchphrase ‘All done in the best possible taste’?

26 Which Christmas number one from 1972 includes the lines ‘I’ll be your clown or your puppet or your April fool, if you’ll be my sunshine daisy from LA’?

27 From which country does the poinsettia plant originate?

28 Which Christmas slogan was introduced by Clarissa Baldwin of Dogs Trust in 1978?

29 What name is given to small sausages wrapped in bacon and served at Christmas dinner?

30 Which Danish Supermodel was born Christmas Day 1968?

31 In which Carol would you find the lines ‘Round yon virgin mother and child, holy infant so tender and mild’?

32 If you were born on Christmas Day, what star sign would you be?

33 Under which Puritan leader did the English parliament pass a law banning Christmas in 1647?

34 The red and white costume of Father Christmas was first introduced by which drinks manufacturer?

35 Which English Scientist born Christmas Day 1642 formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation?

36 Which song a Christmas number 1 for Alexandra Burke in 2008 was a cover version of a Leonard Cohen song?

37 What is the chemical formula for snow?

38 Driving Home For Christmas was a 1988 hit single for which singer?

39 What is the name of the Simpsons pet Greyhound in the animated series?

40 Born Christmas Day 1949 which Actress played the title role in the horror film Carrie?

(Answers below)

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