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Q5. What would your vision of the future be?
by brianc at 16:41 20/11/08 (Question Time)
As a Small Business Owner yourself what did you find that frustrated you? What if anything did you feel was lacking, was it lack of access to Finance, lack of Information, Training, or Overegulation?
I say let's keep it simple and do what other's have found to work, in particular I have in mind the way IT Contractors work in the United States, which is light-years ahead of the British model.

Because of the heavy hand of Government many UK Citizens just gave up on Britain in frustration and moved abroad. The next Conservative Government really needs to try to reverse that trend and clamp down further on Immigration from outside Europe, with some possible exceptions.

How can we move Britain ahead?

Brian Curnow....

Brian also added a question about the Conservative manifesto, which I think fits on this subject too.

Hello Mark,
The Conservatives are solidly behind the Small Business community, as we'd all expect, but how do you expect to see the situation developing under a newly dominant Conservative Government?

Could you lay out clearly for us your likely Manifesto position for the next General Election, especially as it relates to the vexed subjects of Gordon Brown's futile IR35 and MSCs polices that we've observed in practise over the past decade?

Brian Curnow

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