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Rip-off agencies in the Teaching sector
by mikew at 11:02 21/10/15 (Letters from Freelancers)
Freelance agencies in the Teaching sector seem to be getting away with exorbitant mark-ups, and 'screwing' both the schools and the freelancers / supply teachers
In the IT sector, my guess is that the agency mark-up is commonly around 10-15% .

My friends in teaching complain that the Agencies in that sector make a 50+% markup, and the schools pay greatly more than an employed member of staff would cost.

Any suggestions as to why the "market" does not work in the Teaching sector as it does to some extent in other sectors ?

I must say if I was a party in this, I would have joined with colleagues to set up my own "co-operative" agency !

See also the NUT's campaign to lobby supply agencies

Maybe some of the more diverse tech agencies should get into the teaching sector to improve standards for all - or are these "guilty parties" already Big Names exploiting an underly-competitive sector !

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