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Delayed contract start due to incompetence of on-boarders
by FullArmSink at 08:41 31/05/17 (Ask-Legal-Accounting)
Due to start a new contract this week, however start delayed due entirely to the failure of the on-boarding agencies to complete their checks in time.
I am due to start a new contract this week. I signed the initial contract over two months ago and have completed all the required on-boarding checks as soon as any have been presented to me. Due to the incompetence of the on-boarding agencies however, these checks were not confirmed to have been completed in time for me to start my contract on the agreed date (believe me, both I and my agency have chased this at every turn over the last few weeks, but the sheer incompetence of the relevant on-boarding agencies is quite staggering).

The on-boarding agencies have finally confirmed they're ok to let me on site, but I was unable to start on the agreed date. I don't see why I or my company should be penalised financially for this delay. I have been asked to sign an amendment to my contract stating the start date as tomorrow. So far I am refusing, as I do not want this to be taken as my acceptance of the delay and therefore a waiver of a billable day.

From what I understand (I'm joining a rather large organisation), I'm not likely to be the only one in this position.

What is my best course of action? Advice appreciated.

Out of interest, the on-boarding process commenced in late March, and both I and my agency have been scrupulously prompt in providing all required information and completed forms throughout.


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