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Cheers - some festive fun...
by Susie Hughes at 11:31 22/12/17 (The Clubhouse)
Here's our Shout99 Christmas Quiz with a 'Cheers' theme. All these are clues to things which can be found behind a bar......and not just drinks.
1. Dentist's falsies
2. Carers for children
3. Educators
4. A more intelligent friend
5. Chicken story
6. Not Northern unease
7. Following an earthquake
8. A magician's brother maybe?
9. A drink while you're making your mind up?
10. Eye water from a West Side girl
11. Long-running radio soap
12. Needed to fire heavy arrows
13. A campanologist's instruments
14. Posh's favourite tipple
15. Pursue a lady thief
16. There was an old lady who swallowed a spider that wriggled and jiggled and wriggled in....
17. Wail
18. Shirlie's partner
19. A card game when drunk perhaps?
20. My French sweetheart
21. Sacred and forbidden
22. Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff?
23. A pirate's poison
24. Come on home Bill
25. Useful with a flat tyre
26. Titanic's downfall
27. Not starboard
28. Adam's ale
29. 007's shaken not stirred
30. Gordon's tipple
31. Gordon's other drink
32. Carry your luggage sir?
33. A false ache
34. Pizza
35. Electrician's friend
36. Not needed with 20-20 vision
37. Red headed beer
38. She was always on the buses
39. Cooking coal
40. A pick me up
41. Horse's bedding
42. On the tubby side
43. Hanky panky at the seaside
44. Sir Alec
45. Weapon for a winter fight
46. Toro Rosso
47. A couple refuse
48. A young wizard under a tent
49. Knock out blow
50. Could be poisonous

Answers below

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