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RTI Reporting Dividends
by bannisterfletcher at 13:11 21/06/19 (Ask-Legal-Accounting)
How and what do you report dividends on HMRC's own RTI tool ?

The "What's new" section of HMRC's RTI tool, for 2019-20, has a simple one liner saying that dividends should now be reported using RTI.

But there are no other detailed instructions on what to include and how to proceed, within the tool, or the latest Employers Bulletin.

What are the reporting requirements and instructions of dividend payments to employees ? There are only two shareholders on my payroll, so I'm hoping that the requirement to report should be straight forward. But how are larger employers expected to track and integrate the relevant dividend payments of ALL their employees ?

What other expenses should be included within the "... payments not subject to tax or NICs ..." bucket ? I can see a P11D reconciliation issue arising from a mismatch between P11D'ed and non-P11D'ed expenses paid to employees. eg "Company Stationary initially paid for by an employee and reimbursed by employing company". This is not P11D'able but nonetheless is "a payment not subject to tax or NIC". Is there a simple rule that determines what needs to be reported in the RTI bucket, that precludes P11D issues arising later ?

B rs


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