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Reclaiming VAT
by alanp at 10:46 15/10/19 (Ask-Legal-Accounting)
Reclaiming the VAT on small invoices that do not bear the company name.
My accountants have just revealed to me that they have not been reclaiming the VAT on small purchases that have VAT receipts, but that are not in the name of my limited company. I usually trust they have calculated right if it looks about right, but this one time I tried to make it add up, and it didn't.

The main example is the parking charge at the railway station when I make business trips. These receipts bear my own name and my car registration, but not the company name. Although it turns out it has been the same treatment for things like USB sticks and other low value purchases that I just made with my own money and recovered as monthly personal expenses

I operate my business through a limited company charging directly to my clients, without any intermediary organisations.

I've had a poke around HMRC and is seems to me that invoices under 250 can be "simplified invoices" that do not need the customer's details.

I'm loathe to initiate a big argument over small sums, but surely they have this wrong.

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