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Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660
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Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660
Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660
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Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660
Shout99 - Freelancers, FO35, Section 660

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IR35 Solution for Public Sector Freelancers
by Susie Hughes at 12:58 09/11/12 (News from Partners)
Shout99 has teamed up with freelancer status specialists, Qdos Consulting, to offer our readers who contract in the public sector a solution to the new regulations where they have to prove their status.
For £120 Qdos will review your contract and working practices, alongside the Business Entity Tests and provide a certification pack that can be forwarded to the Department or public sector organisations, providing evidence of your compliant status.

New rules
After much controversy over 'off-payroll' arrangements with public sector workers, the Treasury has introduced a new set of rules governing individuals who operate through their own limited companies to provide services to the public sector.

In future all workers will be required to provide evidence of their IR35 status within 20 working days of the issue or renewal of their contract. This evidence will be based on the controversial 'Business Entity Tests' (See: HMRC's business tests at heart of new rules for contractors - Shout99, Sept 2012)

Public Sector IR35 Solution
In partnership with Qdos Consulting, Shout99 is offering its readers the Qdos Public Sector IR35 Solution which will make the process as quick and pain-free as possible.

Qdos will undertake a detailed review of your written contract, your actual working practices and HMRC’s Business Entity Test. Once Qdos is comfortable of your status, they will issue a certificate pack that can be forwarded to the Department or organisation you work for (or your agency if applicable).

This certificate will confirm that Qdos consider your assignment to be IR35 compliant, giving your end client in the public sector the assurance they require.

Qdos Public Sector IR35 Solution includes:

  • A detailed review of your written contract, with suggested amendments if necessary;
  • Comprehensive review of working practices, conducted over the telephone with one of our experienced IR35 experts;
  • Review of business entity test, with suggestions on how to increase score;
  • Discount code to use on IR35/tax insurance policies.

If the reviews are successful, either first time or following amendments, Qdos will compile a certification pack that can be presented to the Government organisation. This will include a certificate, an overview of the contract listing the positive clauses, a summary of the working practices and the business entity test results.

Qdos will also liaise with the agency/end user if required.

To purchase
This product costs £120 and can be ordered online from the Qdos Public Sector IR35 Solution.

You can also complete a questionnaire below and upload that dpocument along with your contract at the next stage of the purchase process (after you have registered). Or you can make the purchase online and email the documents later to freelancer@qdoscontractor.com.

Please cite Shout99 offer when ordering this product.

Susie Hughes © Shout99 2012

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